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The Diaper Addict carries a range of Cloth Diaper Imports 

Reach Across

Today we can reach across the world to find the best products at the best prices from.  
The products are all tested for safety by leading organizations that are approved by federal guidelines.

Why Imports?

Cloth diapering is cost prohibitive for many families.  By importing a range of cloth diapering products we are giving families the opportunity to build a stash that can help them save money and the environment.

Move Forward

Move forward with cloth.  Find other local products.  
Diaper Addict is going all over New England to make sure that you know that you can afford to cloth diaper.


Importing cloth diapers that are safe and affordable lead to the Diaper for a Day Program.  Getting cloth into families homes at an affordable price just isn't possible yet with cloth.  But that doesn't mean that we can't help make cloth mainstream.